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Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

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Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!


Meet Paulette

Paulette brings with her to this space years of experince in the health wellness fitness industry. As a youg girl she was involved in dance cheer and worked as an aerobic instructor before work as a hairdresser brought her to NYC. It is there that she took up marathon running and during those years she found the importance of pilates as a cross training injury prevention to running.  She is the mom of 4 adult children and with the empty nest approaching she was looking for something a challenge and one that would keep her active. She is Classically Trained through REAL pilates NYC. Come feel the magic of pilates and what it can do for your mind and body.


Snake and Twist is the absolute best! The owner is phenomenal and an incredibly motivating teacher. Her team of teachers is awesome. I haven't taken a class that I haven't enjoyed. The space is clean and fun. I never expected to enjoy a Pilates class this much, or even working out. After six months, I am addicted to going to class! It has been great for mindfulness, body awareness, weight loss, stress relief, core and muscle strength, and flexibility. I can't recommend Snake and Twist enough!

I cannot even formulate into words how amazing Paulette and everyone at this studio is. I came here with limited knowledge on pilates and I have learned so much over these past couple months. I have never looked and felt better, but I wouldn’t be where I am without this amazing studio. It truly is about the instructors that make or break your experience. Snake and Twist pilates is doing everything right. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Pilates privates with Paulette have made an incredible impact in my lifting, life, and everyday movement.  Most importantly they have helped prevent re-injury of my neck and low back. I am so grateful for Paulette and the incredible difference she has made in how I approach movement.  I have also taken group reformer classes with other instructors -- all helpful, very fun, and effective.

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